Thursday, March 18, 2010 in nashville...

…On my way to Nashville! Beyond excited is how I would describe my feelings this week. A few days off from work & a spontaneous trip to see one of my oldest & dearest friends was in order & I was in dire need of both. As I write this now I have gravy simmering on her stovetop, & my pizza dough hiding underneath a dishcloth, experiencing growing pains…I wanted to thank my friends, Ronee, & her fabulous husband, Bill, for their superior hospitality & what better way to do that than to open my heart & cook them one of my favorites? So as I am patiently awaiting the various components to culminate in an awesome flavor explosion, I will tell you about our culinary adventures since I arrived yesterday.
Airplane food: Besides the tiny can of carbonated goodness they offer you on the flight, airplane food is virtually nonexistent these days….I brought Jamba Juice & an oatmeal cookie as my flight food of choice with me…good times…Upon arrival in the Nashville airport I was delighted to see familiar faces of good friends..first order of business with Ronee & Bill was food! I was famished & they were sure to make sure every place they brought me to dine was simply great food….we rushed from the airport to make it in time to Gaby’s before they closed at 2:30pm…we faced detours, Nashville drivers (I thought no one could be worse that Jersey or Yonkers drivers but I was proved wrong within minutes!), & a bit of traffic….we arrived at 2:15, just barely making it before closing time….Gaby’s is a burger & fries joint located on Humphreys Street in downtown Nashville…it’s a small shack of a building with indoor & outdoor seating and a simple menu of burgers, hot dogs & fries…sometimes that all you need…Bill profusely thanked the staff at Gaby’s & apologized for us coming in so close to closing time…I followed Ronee’s lead & ordered a cheeseburger with everything & sweet potato fries….the burger was made to an almost greasy meaty perfection…the lettuce & tomato were fresh, the melted cheese dripped appropriately & tasted entirely heavenly…the sweet potato fries….I love making sweet potato fries…Gaby’s were by far the best I’ve ever had…they were golden, dark brown slabs of sweet potato goodness…paired with a wasabi mayonnaise mixture, this was reason enough to want to relocate to Nashville…this was the beginning to a great time in Tennessee…. Fabulous greasy fare to order…how can you go wrong? Simple ingredients for a simple yet tastily prepared menu….you know when something totally hits the spot & all of my spots were hit at Gaby’s….
For St Patricks Day, we had reservations at September’s in Hendersonville, TN…September’s is named after its owner who stopped by our table to make sure we were enjoying our dinner…which we definitely were…Ronee & Bill suggested their favorites, Filet Mignon, Macaroni & Cheese, Shepherd’s Pie…I went with one of Ronee’s suggestions, the Polynesian Strip Steak with a side of Mac&Cheese…I ordered it rare, and it was seared on the outside with a sweet glaze, & covered in grilled pineapple…the tenderness of the strip was appreciated…the side of Mac&Cheese was delectable…there was a hint of earthy smokiness that revealed bacon in the recipe, & I tasted sharp cheddar, gouda, & parmesan...I made sure to take note of all the flavors before the celebratory shots of whiskey clouded my culinary memory…2 awesome places fully recommended by me to sample their delicious lunch/dinner fare…Gaby’s & September’s!!!! I have yet to be impressed by any bakery items, or any dessert items here in Nashville…I had dessert at September’s and cupcakes from local famed bakery Gigi’s and would have to pass on both…I am hoping to experience cupcake greatness before I leave here! My culinary adventures today are limited to yummy homemade pizza with great friends….followed by a trip to see Johnny Cash’s home & gravesite in Hendersonville, which was an adventure in it of itself…. I <3 John R. Cash ! <3
…more adventures to follow........btw the pizza turned out delish! <3


  1. I've actually seen Gigi's on either Food Network or the Travel good?

  2. was okay, kind of reminded me of standard cupcakes you can get anywhere, they were beautiful to look at, but not spectacular in taste.

  3. I've gained five pounds just reading this entry!